Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Late Holiday Cheer!!!

Happy Belated Holidays!!! Just a lil Christmas card I did a few weeks ago for the good ol' holiday cheer. Been in Kansas City, MO (fyi. Missouri not Kansas lol) for the past week and really enjoying my time here. I hope everyone is enjoying their families and maybe even a lil time off from work and school. Take care guys and lets rock this new year!


Sunday, December 06, 2009

MÉNAGE Á DRAW!!! or How I learned to stop worrying and love the drawing (UPDATE!)

So its been awhile. Been a little busy and a little lazy lately. Holidays you know. Anyways I just started a new webcomic blog with my friends Joe, and Ford today!!! Together we are Ménage Á Draw!!! Get it? There's three of us and we draw! Hahahahaha..........moving on; the concept of the webcomic is just to create stories, brush up our skills, and just have fun. The three of us will switch duties between writing/layout/pencils, inks, and coloring/lettering. Every Sunday we will put up a new comic finished or not, and maybe some other goodies in between. The first story is an introduction, with Joe taking writing and penciling duties, Ford doing inks, and me doing colors and lettering. I hope you guys enjoy! I will post some more stuff this week just to keep my blog going as well. Take care.


UPDATE: if the link didnt work before now try it

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween. Its been a min on the posting, was really sick the other week and my laptop is fried! Anyways just a lil sketch I did at work waiting for my girl to pick me up. Long story lol. Anyway fellow bloggers, have a safe and scary halloween.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Some of you may have heard of the crazy weather thats been going down in my town of Atlanta lately. Flooded homes and theme parks, closed streets. I admit i felt kind of selfish a bit when i was upset because I was trying to move during the whole ordeal, but in my defense I didnt know how serious it was till I looked on the news. My prayers go out to all the families who have lost there homes and the peoples' lives taken in the flooding recently. Keep your head up Atlanta, we'll pull through it. Peace and God bless.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009


This was a huge surprise the other day. By the way its a cigar. lol


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Captain Caaaaaaave Maaaaaaaaaaan!!! (meeting drawing)

Lose interpretation of Captain Caveman. Just for kicks during a meeting.

Im Baaaaaaaaaack!!!

Man Ive been real busy the last couple of months but your man Biv is back baby! Been doing a little freelance on the side and things at work started to pick up a little bit so sorry for the delay in posts.

So in latest news, Ive been working with my "boi" Joe Karg on these comic pages for the last 2 weeks. I have to say, putting these pages together has been one of the most rewarding things Ive done in my life! The story is cool and interesting and Karg provided some killer layouts and pencils for this project. Let's hope it gets picked up so you guys can see more. This is a random drawing I did of the main character during a meeting we had the other day about some of the pages.

Check out the first few pages and drop a line: Comic pages link


Thursday, April 09, 2009

BD vs DS pt2

Finally Im posting the other sketches from Boozer Doodle vs Dr Sketchy's night from like 2 months ago. I really like how the pastels turned out. Ive been trying to something a little different and new. You know the whole artist in us all have to switch it up every now and then. Hope you guys enjoy. I hope to do a little more blogging soon when things cool down a little bit. Take care.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday!!!

Well my birthday was yesterday, but I had a little free time with the celebrating and stuff to do a quick post. Been really busy lately, going back and forth between Atlanta and Kansas City, work in the day, and freelance by night. Hopefully within the next few weeks things will die down a little. My dad turned 50 this past week as well so I had to come home and celebrate with the fam and all. Appreciate all the messages on facebook and the phone calls. Hope everyone's life has been cool. Can't wait to see what everyone's doing. Anyways bout to hit the bed, hope everyone had a good weekend. Peace and God bless.


Monday, February 23, 2009

BD vs DS

Ta da! Here are some of the first few sketches from Boozer Doodle vs Dr Sketchys, from the other night. The first few drawings were really rough because I haven't been life drawing like I should lately and I was trying out pastels for the first time in a while. I was trying to work on my color palette, but what looked good in dim light looked really out there once the sun rose. Some I ended up liking better in the light and others I couldn't stand to look at. Lol. Oh well hope in the next session the lighting will be a little brighter. Hope you guys enjoy. I'll post the next round tomorrow. Take care.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grammy Nights

Just a sketch I did a few weeks ago that I wanted to post because of the whole grammy thing the other day. It was okay. Most of those shows have kind of lost their spark. What's with Chris Brown? He might get like 9 years for beating down Rihanna! Anyways I have went to Dr Sketchy's vs Boozer Doodle the other night, so Ill post those drawings up soon when I scan them all in. Take care.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black President

I thought I would never see this day in my lifetime. Amazing is all I can say.

"I got to say it was a good day" -Ice Cube


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Current Beats_q-tip

Happy New Years guys! Been busy at work getting back into the swing of things. Had a nice little break with the family for the holidays and been in my little hole ever since I got back into ATL. Anyways, with this new year I wanted to add a little more of my personal tastes into my blog just so you can learn a little more about me. "Current Beats" is just me trying not to be lame I guess. Lol. I wanted to share something for all you hip hop fans out there that miss the good 'ol days when hip hop was about the flow, the beats, the hooks, the punchlines, the energy, and most importantly the fun and love of the art. Now when you listen to the radio its a bunch of noise; no life and no soul. That's why I'm recomending this rare gem that totally blew me away from the first listen. This is one of those albums that grow on you and is appreciated more with each spin. Real 'ol school lyrics and synethic drums that reminds you of the old quest, but still fresh enough to be a fresh new experience. I admit when A Tribe Called Quest came out I was just starting kindergarden, but I latter learned to appreciate the contribution they have attributed to the hip hop culture. Anyways, this is a longer that usual post but I just wanted everyone to take notice to this album. I hope everyone had a good holiday, and hope everyone is ready for this new year of 2009! May everyone have a joyous and prosperous year and wish all of you success in the future. Take care and God bless.