Monday, February 23, 2009

BD vs DS

Ta da! Here are some of the first few sketches from Boozer Doodle vs Dr Sketchys, from the other night. The first few drawings were really rough because I haven't been life drawing like I should lately and I was trying out pastels for the first time in a while. I was trying to work on my color palette, but what looked good in dim light looked really out there once the sun rose. Some I ended up liking better in the light and others I couldn't stand to look at. Lol. Oh well hope in the next session the lighting will be a little brighter. Hope you guys enjoy. I'll post the next round tomorrow. Take care.



Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

I dig...I need to also get back into life drawing...Ima have to just do the cafe drawings cause I cant find life drawing classes in alabama

Bryan Wynia said...

Looking nice Biv. Love the colors!

Joe Karg said...

Good seeing you the other night brother. That sketchbook you're working in is sick!