Sunday, August 06, 2006


More character designs for the project that Im working on. Obviously it is a pirate story but cant say much more than that. These are some early designs from about 2 or 3 months ago.


update: These are somemore designs for A Gathering. There was no name for it at the time and the story was orginally meant to be an animation piece but is now reworked for comic book form. The lion is totally redesigned and looks a lot more menacing and better drawn in my opinion. These were from like a year ago, and my skills have dramatically increased as i continue to become a better artist. I'll post some more sketches of the new lion design and give more info about the project.


These are some sketches for a potential story that me and a friend of mine are putting together. I'll put some more up when i find all of them.

update: These were early early design sketches for A Gathering but this version of the story was scrapped and revamped
Hello to everyone who reads this ( which isnt much. lol). I have just gotten back from a week long trip to Boston for SIGGRAPH 2006. I had lots of fun, and was a great experience. Talked to lots of people in the industry and going was inspiring to me. The website is finally finished (somewhat lol) and will update soon. Scanning just takes so long to do. Anyway the website is up and running if u don't already know. Check it out and leave a comment here to tell me what you think. Biv out!

Chris Bivins

50 cent

This is a painting of 50 cent from many eons ago. Lol.