Saturday, March 22, 2008

Next FridayS

Joe pointed out that I should've colored the previous post, almost forgetting I had already colored it!!! Crazy yeah? No not really? Oh ok. Lol



Marcelo Vignali said...

That's really fun Chris.

Bryan Wynia said...

Looking good Biv. The gesture tells a story. Sorry I haven't called you back. Let's get together this week and sculpt.

Juampa said...


this really looks great!! I´m a fan of your stuff dude!


robi pena said...

Wowww, awesome work!! Ad the expression on his face, heeheee :-)) looks great!! Cheers my friend!

Joe Karg said...

Just realized I hadn't commented on the colors Biv. Nice subtle definition of form man. I really dig it. Are you going to do a finalized illustration of this piece, or is it just a doodle?


Shawn Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Biv. What are you, 38 now? ;)

Chris Bivins said...

Marcelo: Appreciate it man. Your one of the greats

Wynia: Yeah lets get together soon man.

Juampa: Thanks man. Your stuffs looking good. I love the Lucky Luke designs

Robi: Thanks a lot. Always cool to see your stuff

Karg: Thanks roomie. I plan to do a full illustration of this.

Shawn: Appreciate it. Actually Im 23 now but it was a close guess. Lol

Jason Barnes said...

nice color palette. the intensity of the colors compliments the energy of the pose so well. can't wait to see the final illustration.

Mirella said...

Hellooo!! That's a good beast! I love^^