Monday, March 31, 2008

My Chemical Romance!!! (its the cake)

Stage 6: Final

Stage 5: Shadows

Stage 4: Finished Flats and Highlights

Stage 3: Flats

Stage 2: Line Work

Stage 1: After work drawing

Hey guys!!! Hope you all had a good weekend. If you can't already tell, my 23rd birthday was this past Friday. Man where does the time go? Anyway, I wanted to do a drawing for myself but I didn't get around to it till after work today. Just a step by step process in photoshop messing around with some brushes. Let me know what you guys think. Trying to post a little bit more lately. Enjoy!



stivo said...

yeah !
very nice pictures on this blog !
I keep your adress in my favorite !...

Jeff said...

Nice one Biv. I love seeing step by step developments. I really dig how you put the shoes on the jacket.

My only suggestion would be to put a bit of yellow into the highlights on his nose and mouth. Since they are so reflective and near the yellow cake, I think it'd be nice to get a bit of that reflective light, and would tie the two together.

Keep it up!

Chris Bivins said...

Stivo: thanks man. your stufs looking good. like to see what others characters you do next.

Jeff: yeah i noticed it when i got home that i shouldve done that. appreciate the comment man. funny thing about the jacket is i actually own a jacket just like it. lol


Marcelo Vignali said...

Happy Birthday!

Jason Barnes said...


your knack for caricature is really admirable. everything from your solid forms and color to your damn-near-perfect exaggerations, i applaud you.


Anonymous said...

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