Monday, February 18, 2008

Old work stuff

Messing around at work with some old concept stuff from a few months back. We never did start on the game but the original concept was a tiki-themed slot machine game. Let me know what you guys think.



Shawn Crystal said...

You Biv. The drawings are lookin good, but thats no surprise. We are having an open house panel discussion with some guest artists if you'd like to come by my school. Thursday night, 6:30pm. James Jean, Yuko Shimizu, Eric Canete, and Andrew Robinson. See ya there hopefully.
I'm linking you also.

Sorrentino said...

nice blog!I really like the mood of your paintings! good luck with all the work!!

EL GRANDE said...
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Bryan Wynia said...

Looks great man,keep it up. I love seeing new stuff from you.

Josh Lieberman said...


I hope it'll be a future project. It's just something I put together, and am gonna shop around to some studios, see if there's any interest in the idea.

Cool blog. The painting of the girl is pleasantly eerie, it's a captivating piece.


Really great blog man! I love it all!

G1toons said...

nice design i like the pose, and the expression

milkyteets said...

cool drawing dude! fun design and good sense of movement too

Jamal O said...

Hey thanQ visitng.

Some really nice designs and interesting paintings on yur blog!

Ha wait a min! ...I see you went to AIA!

More Talented Breadren!

Shawn Crystal said...

Thanks for coming by! Thanks also for sticking around to say hi. It was really good to see you. Keep in touch.