Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That Voodoo you do do

This was a cool little painting that I did from an old National Geographic. The article was about rebuilding New Orleans and saw this picture of this lady in a bright pink outfight for a parade. It was really interesting so I got inspired to paint it. This is what i came up with and think I might develop her into a future story for my reel. Hope you enjoy



messytimbo said...

just found your blog, i really like your stuff dude.
this is a great image

Cherry Fingers said...

Wow. very nice man. I love the skin tone

Chris Bivins said...

timbo: appreciate it man

cherry: thanks i actually have elio to thank for helping me with that.


Justin Jenkins said...

yeaaaaaaaaaah nice work man, i really like the ratatouille one too.

oh yeah and Disney is great a lot of Fun mostly doing pre-production stuff. I still cant believe i'm here, i mean being over 2,000 miles away from home is kinda crazy at first ya know.

EL GRANDE said...

Way to go Biv. It's nice to see you posting more stuff. Just to let everyone know, Biv has like a million more drawings and paintings he's not sharing, so get on his ass about posting that stuff:)


Shawn Crystal said...
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