Monday, August 04, 2008

The Pan Man

Hey guys Ive been in the lab working my behind off on this new stuff. I eventually want to turn it into something more, but for right now just getting a feel for the characters right now. Im redoing the Peter Pan story in China and changing some stuff around with the story. So far its been a crazy experience. Ive been doing a lot of sketching lately and kept redesigning everything to make it different from anything else. I will probably post a few more things from the story this work and after that post once a week. Ill put some more little doodles inbetween then to fill it up more. Trying to add a little more variety to the blog a little. Hope everyone digs it. This is stuff from early February, so its pretty old. Enjoy.



Micah Lewis said...

yeah man! I wish i could have gone to comic con. I sure will next year though. I'm hoping I'll be living there LOL! Yeah I'm feeling this Peter Pan thing. For Some reason im stuck on wonderwoman LOL! i really wanna do something with it. I just posted final design and color. let me know what you think.

The Never Fairy said...

This is a cool idea! Keep going with it. :)
Also, if you like Peter Pan, there's a new book out. It's different from the other prequels and sequels because all of those contradict Barrie's original stories. The new one not only is faithful, it's based on his idea for more Pan adventure!
Click my name to see!
Thanks for the re-imagining...looks like it will be fun!

forlackofbetter said...

You ever think of updating your dang site sir?
Nothin but love sir.
Comic con though?...STILL ringing in my ears.
Craziness...pure and simple.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Nice work Chris.

It was great hooking up with you at the Con, even though we had a tough time finding each other in that massive crowd.

Keep up the great posts.

EL GRANDE said...

I agree with Vignali. This is some fine drawing brother. 'Nuff Said.


Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

I love his onion shaped head


Very cool!

Cheeks said...

this is one of my favorite characters from you, bud. he's got so much 'tude.